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Cybersecurity has been a major point of concern for businesses around the world. Big companies are spending on bug bounty programs to figure out system vulnerabilities, while smaller brands are taking basic steps towards enhancing cybersecurity. What does it really take to address security concerns and prevent a breach? We have a guide below for your help. 

An aware organization

Frontline employees are often responsible for breaches, because they are not aware of the best practices or what they can do in their capacity to prevent a hacking attempt. The foremost step in cybersecurity is to establish a policy and get everyone involved. Let people know about the basic things like malware, phishing attacks, social engineering attacks, backdoor entry, and password theft. 

Following the best practices

Some basic cybersecurity practices must be followed by every organization, such as – 

  • Changing all default usernames and passwords
  • Creating strong passwords
  • Using a password manager
  • Network security using WPA2 / WPA3 encryption
  • SSL/TLS Certificates for websites
  • Having a BYOD plan
  • Reducing Physical Access to selected network resources at workplace
  • Preventing malware attacks with DNS Filtering
  • Using antivirus, anti-ransomware, and antimalware products
  • Using VPN for untrusted network
  • Using firewall for all devices

By following regular testing and scanning of networks

Everything within the organization is typically connected on a network. Even IP-based video surveillance relies on a network. Networks and IT frameworks have to be tested on a regular basis to find possible vulnerabilities. Companies are now hiring people for penetration testing alone, and while antivirus and anti-malware scans must be done on a regular basis. 

By having an incident response plan

Unfortunately, many companies still don’t have an incident response plan, and that leads to chaos, even when there is a small breach in security. It is important to figure out the course of action following a security breach, and everyone within the organization needs be to aware of their respective roles. Also, ask employees to share details of a possible mistake they may have made with regards to cybersecurity, because corrective steps can prevent a breach from an external source. 

By having cyber insurance

Although expensive, cyber insurance is one of the best things that companies can pay for. In case of data theft and other incidents, certain damages will be paid by the insurer, depending on the terms and conditions. 

Do check all details before signing up for cyber insurance. 

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