5 tips for a standout CV

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On the hunt for a job or an internship? The public relations team at Adoni Media has shared their top tips for making your CV stand out.

1.Tailor your CV  to the job posting

A generic resume isn’t going to catch the eye of a recruiter, hiring manager or internship coordinator. What they’re really looking for is a CV that has been tailored for the position that they want filled. While it may be time consuming, it’s worth your while to make a few adjustments to your CV before sending in your application. Make sure your CV highlights any accomplishments or skills related to the job posting.

  1. Design, Design, Design

We often say don’t judge a book by its cover but when you’ve read about 40 CVs that all look similar, it’s hard not to be impressed when something that looks good comes across your desk.  A good way to make your CV stand out is to make sure that its in a clear and readable font, has a symmetrical layout and utilises white space well. 

  1. Be specific with your core interpersonal and industry skills

Make sure the skills you list are specific to the job posting and are relevant to the industry. Research online and draw from other job ads to identify the most important skills required by professionals in your industry. Make sure your skill set stays relevant as the PR industry is ever-changing.

  1. List key achievements

For each role, make sure to list two or three achievements that have made a positive impact to the company where you were working/interning. Hiring managers want to know not only what you can do but how you will contribute to the company if you were to fill the position. If possible, include achievements that are quantifiable. For example, increased paid social media engagement by 20%.

  1. Add a personal touch 

At the end of the day hiring managers are people too. Don’t be afraid to include a small section that lists some of your interests outside of work. It can add character and personality to your CV and your interests or hobbies may catch the eye of a recruiter who also shares them.