Your Branding IQ

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While you start to consider creating or revamping your brand, go ahead and take following quiz to determine how savvy you’re.

1. A brandname is really a:




Benefit Chain

2. The cost premium that strong brands command:



3. Where does effective branding start?

Marketing department

Ad Agency

Executive Suite

Corporate Communication

4. What’s the best vehicle for promoting your brand?


Pr Department



5. When is the greatest time for you to construct your brand?



6. Branding increases the price of sales.




1. A brandname is really a Benefit Chain. Even though it can include a emblem, product or name, a brandname is really a Commitment of the standard You Will Get. Picture this. You’re in a store to buy a notebook. You’ve got a choice from a Dell along with a no-brand name. They’re comparable cost. Statistics reveal that 96% of times you will obtain the merchandise having a name you already know. Why? Since you trust the standard you will get.

You should determine the variations between brand equity and brand quality. Brand equity includes the marketing effects the named product produces than the product with no name. However, brand quality is the caliber of the information and material the brand offers. The main difference backward and forward is the fact that brand quality may be the mean while brand equity may be the finish. Brand equity reveals the value from the product with and with no brand. Brand equity may be the outcome of the trademark quality.