Do You Want Another Brand?

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Multiple brands aren’t always a great way.

When launching new services or products, my client frequently ask me when they require a separate brand, particularly if the offers are “breakthrough” or significantly not the same as the things they presently sell.

Developing a separate identity may appear just like a no-brainer, but it is not always the best choice.

I have observed a pattern of sorts lately towards multiple brands, which is not usually a good factor. From my observation, brand-breeding appears especially prevalent among solopreneurs who appear to believe that every endeavor needs its very own brand platform.

These independent professionals are attempting to segment their brands as well as their lives, but frequently fail at either effort. The smaller sized the organization, greater it’s to juggle multiple brands.

Bigger firms have similar issues, but it is much simpler to handle sub-brands or perhaps disparate brands whenever you employ lots of people and serve markets all over the world. Different divisions frequently their very own brands, staff and identity for operational efficiency and marketing purposes.

Whether or not you are sitting behind a desk like a Fortune 500 company or perhaps a start-up, my suggestions about when to produce a new brand will help you make a good choice.

First, let us consider the signs and symptoms of split-brand personality disorder…

Multiple emails for the similar contact, each on several domains.

Several websites, frequently stacked in a stack of three or four URLs on business card printing and letterhead

A blinding number of logos which don’t appear to possess any regards to one another

Clients are confused by the range of product brands and/or company brands.

Should you cope with these signs and symptoms every day, or any other issues like multiple signs around the door and never understanding what name to make use of when answering the telephone, you might have a brandname problem.

Multi-Brand Hazards

A new offering appears to demand its very own brand, however it does carry risks. Stop and think carefully before you decide to mind lower that path. Downstream implications of multiple brands mean your company must cope with issues like:

What website will we send people to? Could it be worth splitting your site traffic between several sites, of could it be easier to get one site with several services or products listed?

What emails will our staff use? A regular address build brand value, while variations dilute the company.

How can we manage leads? Are responses uniform, in order to you’ll need brand-specific messages?

Are you going to have different sales teams for every brand? If so, would be the rivaling one another for business?

What is the unique P&L for every brand? If that’s the case, are you able to easily allocate revenue and expenses?

How would you manage social networking profiles? One for every brand or perhaps an umbrella presence for the entire company?