Things to share with your personal injury lawyer

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An unfortunate accident can cause unprecedented stress and trauma. If your injuries are serious, this may also mean spending huge on medical treatments and bills for a long time to come. While hiring a personal injury lawyer may not be necessary, you need to consider this decision, given that dealing with insurance companies and your claim may not be necessary. In NY, you can get help from a Rochester law firm, who provides you with an attorney for your personal injury claims. The expertise of your lawyer can be incredibly valuable for your case. This post is about the things you must share with a personal injury lawyer. 

  1. The actual accident. Always try to share the most transparent and honest version of the accident with your personal injury attorney. They should know what exactly happened, and if you have a role in the same. Keep in mind that New York follows the pure comparative fault rule, so if you had a share of fault, your eventual settlement for your damages will be lower.  
  2. Injuries you have sustained, along with treatment received. Let your attorney know of the injuries that happened because of the accident. If you were attended by a doctor then and there, share all details related to the same. Make sure that your personal injury lawyer knows what treatments costs have been paid so far. If you had preexisting injuries, let the lawyer know. 
  3. Losses you have incurred. It may seem odd to talk about your losses and expenses, but do share every detail with your attorney. For instance, have you filed for bankruptcy recently? Or are you likely to stay out of work for a long time? What’s the amount you have spent because of the accident? Ask your personal injury attorney about the damages and losses you can recover. 

Meeting an attorney

When you meet a personal injury attorney for the first time in NY, make sure that you discuss all the other aspects of your case, including the expected settlement. There could be other costs related to pursuing the case, and your lawyer should inform you about that. Most attorneys in NY work on a contingency basis for personal injury cases, but this largely depends on the facts of the case. If the lawyer is working on a contingency fee, you don’t have to pay anything upfront. The lawyer will take a part of the settlement, typically no more than 40%, as their fee.