First of all, I want to disclose to you the meaning of buying Tiktok likes. People who have not enough funds to increase their  likes and likes have to be tempted to go on such websites that do their work at a very low rate. It means just to increase the numbers of  likes and likes people hire such persons who can do that work very fast. I am not recommending it or any other method to rank higher or get more  likes. But this method of buying Tiktok likes can be hazardous for your Tiktok page because this is not a legal method to reach the audiences from the viewpoint of Tiktok itself. It can create a problem for the Tiktok company because their main source of revenue is an advertisement. If people don’t take the interest in ad-revenue and don’t promote the page through ads then this surely is an impact on their finance. Let’s come to our main point and centric idea of the things that should be known for you and your page. I am describing all that is necessary to know about this thing even though you want to do it or not, just take a brief view of things that can happen if you use that method-

  1. Losing engagement:

In 2019 Tiktok has made changes in its algorithm to detect and vanish such posts and pages that were increased in fan following base and likes. It had removed many accounts that were fake and created just for selling likes. In a study, it has been found that posts that have been uploaded to different accounts: one of them were placed for the ad to get engagement and reach whereas the second was placed to buy Tiktok likes cheap. You know which one did well and got more reach? First one, yes first one. Because Tiktok has detected the illegal activity on the second post even it had more likes. All over the meaning of saying is that you may lose audience engagement.

  1. Short term goals:

If your goal is for the long term then this thing is not for your page. It will create just a rise of  likes one time when you bought Tiktok  likes and likes. If you are in a company handle it’s a Tiktok page and want to increase the number of  likes. Then it is not for your company. In the future, it will badly impact your ranking on the company’s page. If you are not tended for the long term then it might be effective but not can’t. 

  1. Targeted audience:

Suppose you have got  likes by the technic of buying  likes and likes then your page has grown up fast. Now you have stopped to buy more  likes and likes to your page. What will happen with your page? As your  likes are not genuine and targeted audience then your every single post will go down due to inactivity. 

So make a better decision to get promote your Tiktok page so that you can grow further not for one time. 

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