How to Pick a Credit Card Suitable to Your Needs

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A credit card is mainly noted as one instrument, which will help you to make instant credit-based transactions. Unlike the other option under debit cards, which credit cards are mostly linked to bank accounts and will deduct bit the corresponding amount for every possible transaction, c. Crredit cards will present you with the flexibility to make some transactions on credit independent of the present account balance.

These amounts are also repayable at the end of the specified credit period. These periods are already pre-set, and each card will involve one credit limit. Beyond that limit, you aren’t allowed to make any sort of transaction.

Simple tips to pick a suitable credit card: 

Before you plan to choose a credit card, you need to focus on the bank, from where you can apply credit card online. There are so many interesting options available under the financial sectors, and you get to choose whichever one you want. Once you have selected the bank, it is time to focus on the steps to apply for the credit cards.

  1. Always review your lifestyle choices before applying for a credit card 
  2. Consider credit card rewards because they include options like miles, points and cash-back. Depending on how you spend your money, any one of these three options may suit your needs 
  3. Pick a credit card based on category: Shopping Credit Card, Cash-back Credit Card, Reward Points Credit Card, Lifestyle Credit Card, Travel Credit Card, and Fuel Credit Card, among others. Each category is self-explanatory 
  4. Checking the annual fee and charges is mandatory because they can play a vital role in your overall expenses and benefits 

At the time of picking a credit card:  

  • Check out the available credit cards online before you get to apply for anyone among the lot.
  • Once you get in touch with the relationship manager, you will learn about the card in detail. It helps you to compare between multiple cards before selecting the right one.
  • If you don’t want to apply for the card online, you can visit the nearest branch of the bank and opt for the physical option. Go through the steps just as mentioned and get your card now!

Eligibility criteria for the credit cards:

The offers on credit cards can get pretty lucrative in nature. But, in order to get hold of the cards, you have to be eligible for them. How will you know if you fall within that category?

  • The first point to consider is that you have to be over 18 years of age to get hold of the cards.
  • Furthermore, you need to be a resident of India in order to get credit cards from Indian banks.
  • If you are already one primary cardholder, then you should have a good source of income, to say the least.


Some banks will help you get some added benefits while you have applied for their credit cards. You can start working with the Credit Card EMI Calculator to learn about the amount you have to pay at the end of the tenure time.

Once you have selected credit cards from these banking sources, you will enjoy complimentary flight tickets, discounts on the movie tickets, access to airport lounges, waiver of the fuel surcharges and discounted deals on some hotel and restaurant orders.