How to Avoid Getting Distracted During Remote Work in 2021?

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In 2021, work from home has become the norm. People can carry out their official tasks in the comfort of their houses, avoid travel time to the office, set their schedules, and work comfortably. However, in actuality, is it a boon or a bane? 

Research has shown that when individuals are in their comfort zones, like their homes, they tend to become more distracted as there is no supervision. It can also result in procrastination. A survey conducted by Buffer showed that distraction ranked third in the list of the biggest struggles of work from home. 

Hence, distraction during remote work can directly affect work productivity and quality negatively. Then, how can we stay focused under these circumstances? 

Set a Proper Work Space

Designate a clutter-free area as your office space. After all, each clutter on your desk is just asking for your attention and adding to your distraction. 

Choose a space that gives you a professional atmosphere, allows you to focus better, and motivates you to deliver your tasks properly. In case of background noises, put up headphones with soft music to help you keep focused.  

Set a Schedule 

Work from home doesn’t make any job less vital. Hence, it is essential to set a priority listing, noting all the tasks you have to do within the day or week. Become a supervisor for yourself, assign particular time slots to each work, and follow it thoroughly. Ensure that you do not divulge hours on your phone and social media. 

Employee monitoring software, productivity tools, and time tracking apps help in this aspect by monitoring your work progress and efficiency. They help curb down distractions by setting deadlines that you have to follow. 

Set Clear Boundaries

Before starting your remoted work, establish precise working hours. Emphasize to your family and friends the importance of silence and a distraction-free environment during these hours and ask them to create the same.

Wear Professional Clothes

Research has discovered that individuals tend to adopt the characteristics of the clothes that they wear. Hence, if we wear comfortable clothes like pajamas at home, we serve to get more relaxed. 

Thus, it is best to wear semi-formal clothes during your work hours, even at home.  

Take Breaks and Reward Yourself

It is exceedingly necessary to take breaks in between to stay focused at work. Get up and walk around from time to time but not very often. It will help loosen up your stiff muscles. You can also have a short talk with your family members to curb the feeling of loneliness. 

Motivate yourself through rewards each time to reach a goal. It can be something simple like a break or even a piece of candy.