Tips to make staff quit social networking sites during work hours

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Some employees spend a lot of time on social media. Many employee’s quarters of time are wasted on social media. This can surmount to lose to company and also lead to missed deadlines and wastage of resources.

Best ways to tackle this:

  1. Employee Motivation

Employees should be appreciated if they a commendable job. This can be done by giving them bonuses. This encourages the subordinates and the person to work better and motivate him/her.

But employees should understand that this bonus is only provided if they do their work with utmost dedication and hard work.

  1. Rules and regulation setup and monitoring

There should be rules regarding the usage of social media in offices. There should be consequences if someone breaks this rule and can lead to no bonus or appreciation by the employer. There should be employee monitoring software to detect and monitor if a particular employee is using his/her social media handle and is being unproductive.

There are special services and systems brought by the work examiner the employee monitoring software that can monitor or catch records that have been blocked or deleted. If they delete history or clean cache, they can be caught via this employee monitoring software.

  1. Seminar related to managing time

Many people don’t know time utilization. Inviting them to a seminar that focuses on mismanagement will surely help them understand the deep clause that is linked to it.

  1. Therapist

A therapist can diagnose people who are avidly dependent on social networking sites. They will identify the person and help them get better and eventually getting rid of it.

  1. Restricted access

The most efficient and yet effective way is to restrict access to any kind of social media or networking site. The tech staff can make sure that social networks have limited to no access to computers. If the employees still manage to bypass that then employee monitoring software will surely catch this

If the subordinates are using these sites to connect to their loved ones for some minutes, then it’s okay but if they browse and are engaged in it for hours then these methods are mandatory.

  1. Use work examiner

Work Examiner has the perfect employee monitoring software. It has self-monitoring and it gives you all the records and data regarding employee performance and work hours he/she has put. It also evaluates if an employee is doing his/her designated work with honesty. For high-ranking subordinates, it has a self-monitoring feature that tracks the performance and analyzes if there is room for improvement or not. The productivity can be easily determined via employee monitoring software by the work examiner.