How Much Money Can You Make on Clickbank – A Beginners Guide

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Clickbank is an affiliate marketing website founded in 1998. In its 20+ years of existence, the network has helped link up millions of product owners, merchants, vendors, and sellers with business affiliates who ‘publish’ or market products to consumers. The American company is the leader when it comes to affiliate marketing. It is the perfect platform for product owners to sell a variety of products (mostly digital products such as computer software tools). Clickbank is also one of the world’s leading payment generator for affiliates. Discussed below is a complete guide to Clickbank for beginners.

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Clickbank – The Home of Skilled Promoters

Making a decent earning with Clickbank is very much possible if you are prepared to hone your promotional skills. Clickbank vendors typically set their commission rate from 1-75%, depending on the quality of the product. So, if you choose to become an affiliate, you will have a clear idea of how much you can earn. Make sure to avoid bad product sellers. For more information on how to diversify your affiliate revenue streams, visit Wi-Fi Entrepreneur, the best website for aspiring online entrepreneurs. Receiving your first commission usually takes the most time. But once you start earning, the process gets a lot easier.

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The Principles of Earning on Clickbank

Getting a commission from Clickbank is usually a very straightforward process. Payments are made every two weeks. Most Clickbank sellers offer 70% commission since there are no shipping costs involved (most products sold on Clickbank are digital. Unlike most top affiliate networks, Clickbank is very friendly to beginners. The website is also open to accepting international affiliates. Clickbank offers thousands of products spread over twenty categories. There are a lot of niches for you to focus on. Clickbank is a platform full of opportunities. Once you dedicate your time and effort into creating your personal affiliate marketing network, making up to $400/day will not be too difficult!