Five reasons that will nudge you to get a cat!

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If you’re reading this article, chances are that you’re thinking about getting a cat but still having second thoughts. Given you have enough reasons in your head to not get a cat, this article offers 5 reasons why cats are excellent pets. You’ll find bringing one home isn’t as difficult as one might think.

1.   You don’t have to worry too much about their cleanliness

Let’s face it, cats aren’t hyper-active like dogs. Cats are really careful with the way they act around the house, which honestly, is sitting in compact places and judging humans or sleeping at comfortable places like your bed.

There’s no playing around at parks, getting all dirty. Cats are very conscious about how they look, so you don’t have to worry too much about their appearance because they are concerned about it!

This means you don’t have to worry about bathing your feline friend as often as a dog. They clean themselves, so you will find they’re much more hygienic as well as  fluffier and softer.

2.   Cats are mostly quiet

Cats are quiet animals, and they mostly spend their time by themselves. Moreover, their loudest meows are usually pleasant to hear as they are not as loud as other big animals. Meowing is almost always adorable – to a cat owner, anyway!

Still, you will never worry about your cat making noise during your important E-meeting or hearing your neighbours complain about loud pet noises.

3.   Very low-maintenance pets

Cats are the ideal pet for people with strict time constraints. Even if you are unable to give lots of daily attention to your little pet, they will still be fine. All you have to make sure is that your cat is well fed on time and there’s a litter box at your place where your cat can take care of its business.

There’s not a lot of need for giving attention or even a lot of training.

Also, your favourite shoes will remain as is, even in your absence. Which, honestly, would never be possible with dogs.

4.   No need for those tiring visits to the park

If you want, you can surely take the cat outside, but they will usually do just fine even if you don’t. Cats are small, and they move around the house all day, so they get plenty of exercise for the type of animal they are.

You can invest in some vertical space for your feline friend if you want, if you want to give them more areas to explore. Soon you will find your cat climbing up and down that thing all the time.

5.   House pests will no longer be an issue!

If you’re fed up with house pests, then cats can be very helpful. Cats are excellent hunters, they can hunt rats, cockroaches, houseflies, moths and other insects. Having a cat in your house reduces the chances of them entering your home… or being there for long if they do.

Here are some added advantages of getting a pet cat!

  • Cats are super easy to potty train (we all know how much of a pain that is with dogs)
  • They require less continuous attention than other house pets
  • Cats can be left alone longer than dogs
  • These are ideal apartment pets

Having a pet cat is not usually challenging at all. However, as we know life is very uncertain and just like us our pets might require urgent medical attention for accidents or illnesses. Get cat insurance to be on the safe side. There is plenty of pet insurance available online – choose wisely and you will find it’s a worthwhile investment!

Above mentioned reasons should be enough to give you that nudge you need to go ahead and buy a cute little kitten. Just take a leap of faith and you won’t regret it ever!