Brilliant Ways To Use Work From Home Online Banking Amidst Coronavirus

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1.     Intro

For years, there has been a growing voice amongst business professionals to embrace work from home as the line continues to blur between professional and personal life.

More and more people feel that they can accomplish what they do in an office, without having to leave their home. This frees up a great deal of time that employees spend on their daily commute to office, time which they can then devote on completing work tasks. Besides that, companies can save up on renting office spaces, paying for office supplies as well as large utility bills. Plus as internet connectivity continues to improve, remote working is just becoming easier. Lastly working from home has shown that employees are more motivated and happier than ever due to a better work/life balance.

2.    Productivity

However now due to the ongoing health crisis, most companies are having to adapt their structure to accommodate working from home. There is also talk that after we emerge from this crisis, remote working is going to rise amongst the business community.

Here are a few ways to make sure your productivity does not fall during this work from home period:

  1. Ensure you have clear and communication with your colleagues and managers. Delegation of work tasks need to be clear to avoid confusion. Regular check up calls should be made preferably at the start of the day as well as at the end.
  2. Try and create an area of your house where you can comfortably sit and work. However don’t get too comfortable where you find yourself working out of your bed. That will only lead to a decrease in productivity.
  3. Remember to take regular breaks to clear your mind during this extremely stressful period of time, especially people who are living by themselves. Most people will worry that they are being seen as not as productive during this work from home period and will overwork themselves which can be bad for their mental health.
  4. Finally, ensure that you are not procrastinating or lazing around just because there is no one to monitor you like in the office. Just because you can now take regular breaks from work, ensure that they don’t go into extended periods as this will just cause work to pile up.

3.    Online banking amidst coronavirus

With the ongoing situation revolving around COVID – 19, we are all confined at home for our own good. With all government and private facilities restructuring their management to enable them to work remotely. This situation has caused a lot of inconvenience for the banking sector. With no employees at the branches and hardly any customers to serve, there is a huge underlying question over here. How are we banking? With a subsequent number of customers who still prefer coming to the bank to get their work done, these are times where they need to rely on technology that brings the service to them rather than making them go to the service. The Kotak 811 Internet banking app does just that! In this digital age most of us have access to a cell phone & the internet. With online banking available to every customer, the bank gets to come to the customer in need rather than the other way around. Mobile banking enables people who are working from home or who are stuck at home to avail all banking services and carry out all their necessary activities as usual. Customers can carry out all their activities like dth recharge, deposits, money transfer, bill payments, mobile recharge, credit & debit card services, investment tracking, opening a fixed deposit or savings bank account and much more with the help of the e banking app. May it be from the comfort of your home or work or maybe on the go online banking has proven to be a boon to society. To make payments or pay utility bills one only needs to register on the app with their bank or debit card. This enables the user to use various services like BHIM UPI account, deposit checks online with just the check details & a photo of the check, apply for credit, etc.

4.    Safety concerns for home banking

Despite multiple cybersecurity concerns, we’ve seen an uproar in the Mobile banking sector with many customers opting for banking on the go. This gives rise to the questions surrounding the safety of E – Banking through digital devices. To answer such threats, many banks have deployed their own cybersecurity teams that prevent theft of data and scams. Making the consumer feel safe and secure is the top most priority to these banks. Cybersecurity has paved the way for secure banking & mobile wallet apps to boom in the current scenario. Kotak 811  is one such digital banking app for mobile that provides a secure way of banking easily from your mobile devices. One can avail all banking features & have complete privacy while doing so. Your data is yours and they understand that. Creating a secure environment where the consumer feels safe and has full control.

Stay safe & secure your loved ones from the ongoing situation!

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