What is the Future of Patient Portals?

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Patient Portals

Patient portals are a common feature in hospitals and medical offices. They allow patients to communicate with their doctors and nurses, access important medical information, and request appointments or prescriptions. Thus, patient portals are an important part of the healthcare industry, but what does the future hold for these portals? We have compiled a list of four ways in which patient portals will be changing in the near future.

1. Increased Interactivity

One of the biggest changes that patient portals will experience in the near future is increased interactivity. It means that patients will be able to do more than view their medical information or communicate with healthcare professionals. They will complete tasks such as ordering prescriptions, making appointments and checking lab results. In addition, patients will be able to access more educational materials about their conditions and treatments.

2. Greater Personalization

Another reason why patient portals are important in healthcare is because of their greater personalization. It means that patients will have more control over the information that they see on their portals and how they interact with it. They will also be able to choose which healthcare professionals they want to communicate with and what information they want to share.

3. Expanded Functionality

Patient portals will also be expanding their functionality in the near future. This means that they will not just be used for communicating with healthcare professionals or accessing medical information. Instead, the medical patient portal will become a hub for all patients’ medical information, from appointments and prescriptions to lab results. In addition, patient portals will have the capacity for storing important health data such as vital signs and weight measurements so that patients can track their progress more easily.

4. Increased Security

One of the most serious concerns surrounding patient portals is security. Unfortunately, hackers are becoming increasingly interested in medical records because they contain highly valuable personal information. Fortunately, the increased security measures that patient portals will be implemented in the near future will make them much more difficult to hack into. It includes things like two-factor authentication and strict privacy settings for different data types (such as social security numbers or medical conditions).

To Conclude

These were the four ways in which the future of the patient portal will change. To know more about the patient portal, you may even contact a professional patient conversion solutions company and gain many insights.

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