The rapid growth of e-commerce product sampling

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The Time Has Come For E-Commerce Sampling


The marketing technique of product sampling has been around for centuries, allowing customers to test a product before purchasing the Product sampling program. As technology has developed and businesses have proceeded online, the product sampling strategy has been adjusted for eCommerce under dry sampling.

The advantages of product sampling have proven themselves time and time again, especially for CPG brands. The tangible, interactive experience provides the chance for product experimentation and customer engagement and presents the opportunity to enhance brand constancy under the Product sampling program. 

While businesses were already proceeding online before the pandemic, the arrival of COVID generated a digital and eCommerce turning point. 


Samplrr assists brands with customized business techniques to generate product awareness of new and current products to have a broader reach within the aimed audience.

As a Product Sampling Agency, Sampler introduces a unique mixture of technology, strategic center group sampling, and accomplished marketing professionals to associate with potential customers through approximated activations. We help raise new products in the market and collect valuable customer reviews.

 The rapid growth of ECommerce product sampling 

  • Before the growth of e-commerce – retail was relatively simple. If you need something, head to a nearby shop, and purchase the product under the Product sampling program. 
  • Traditional retail was mainly made up of local merchants who provided full customer service; think of the definitive “general shop” or “mom and pop” shop. People came into workshops without understanding and relied on a salesperson to commend them on what to purchase under dry sampling. 
  • Fast forward to the digital age, and customers have more options than ever before at their fingertips. McKinsey and Co. announced the COVID-19 pandemic compressed ten years of eCommerce growth into three months. 
  • This rapid digital adoption required brands to adopt new digital techniques to meet customers where they are, and we expect this to continue under the Product sampling program. 
  • But even with customers having more power and grasp than ever before, there’s one difficulty to eCommerce that’s hard to control through a screen – a physical experience with the product. 
  • Consumers love the convenience they get through online shopping, but something is said about looking, feeling, touching, smelling, and experiencing a product. In a study of over 30,000 customers worldwide, 51% stated that the most significant disadvantage of online shopping is not being competent to touch, feel, and try an item under dry sampling. 
  • Providing your customers a free product sample – enables them to experience it first-hand and learn what makes your product unique before making their buying resolution under the Product sampling program. Lucky for labels, the digital era has made distributing a free product sample faster, better, and more appropriate than ever before. 
  • A digital sampling program lets you target your ideal consumer online and ship a model directly to their edge. Ask them for their genuine review, collect attractive UGC, and gather their email addresses to stay in touch long after they’ve tried your product under dry sampling. 
  • It lets you grasp the strong engagement and brand existence you’ve grown online and convert it into a tactile incident. 

How does sampling assist eCommerce?

It assists your shoppers in making confident buying decisions.

With so many product options to pick from, customers are at risk of decision exhaustion. A product sample can be the deciding feature that gets them to commit to the brand wholeheartedly under dry sampling. 

From small surprise allowance to a taste of delight, samples serve as a teaser and test. Your sample isn’t just a fun little tip to delight your customers; it can be a powerful tool that cuts away the apprehension they feel before they buy – leading to a fun (and profitable) checkout experience under the Product sampling program.

Earn genuine consumer feedback

One of the top benefits of a digital sampling program is the capability to immediately and effectively collect influential rankings and responses on your product under Product sampling program. It helps feed your product research and development efforts and fuels your future marketing and sales techniques. 

Figures show that nearly 70% of online shoppers read between one and six customer feedbacks before purchasing in 2021. 

Less than 10% didn’t have practice reading responses before making a purchase. Examine repurposing the consumer review you acquired during your program and show them on your eCommerce website to help shoppers decide at the point of sale under dry sampling.

Acquire user-generated content (UGC)

UGC is a review as consumers trust what others say about a brand. In a digital world, user-generated content provides the personal touch needed to create an authentic brand image. 

Delivering a deeply personalized experience to a consumer in the comfort of their own home captures their undivided attention. It immediately offers a reward that inspires them to share their skill under the Product sampling program.

Benefits of Product Sampling:

  • It presents considerable traffic towards the product.
  • It gives immediate detail about what consumers think about it, which is excellent for development purposes.
  • It makes the person-to-person link with the consumer and therefore sets up foundations of perseverance.

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