Silver Bullion Bar Brands that are worth owning

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Silver bullion bars generally consist of 99.99% silver. They come in a range of sizes from 1oz to 5000 oz. Silver bullion bars are mostly used for industrial purposes. They are used as an investment product. They are an ideal investment product. There are a number of advantages to owning silver bullions bars:

  • They are easy to handle and convenient to store
  • Some of the recognizable hallmarks make them easy to resell and convert to actual cash

Silver bullion bars are made by different mints and they are available in a variety of sizes. Collectors are often drawn to custom made bars minted by government mints and other types of mints. The most inexpensive bars to buy are 1oz. Bars. They are also convenient to carry around and easy to store. Investment grade bars are often larger than that. They could weigh 100 ounces to 1000 ounces. When you have silver bars that are this big, the hallmark on the bars are important. If they don’t carry the hallmarks of a government mint then they should carry a hallmark of one of the most reputable bullion refineries in the world.

The 100 oz silver bullion bars are more desirable because they have a lower mark-up over the silver spot-price but they aren’t as flexible as the smaller-sized bars like the 10 oz fractional silver bars.

Bullion products are in high demand by governments, banks, industries, and other financial institutions, the combination of this has pushed the demand for these precious metals up. With growing demand comes higher prices and volatility in various ways.

When large banks like J.P Morgan take short positions it can cause silver volatility to increase
Silver mining costs are also increasing because of growing global demand creating shortages in the market including mints and other related industries.

Sovereign debt has been a big issue in recent times and it has pushed a lot of people to start buying silver.

It is often hard for economic commentators to fully explain the effect of these multifaceted realities on the price of silver. So sometimes it feels like many commentators are saying different things about the same situation. If you were to buy silver bullion, you would want to buy products that you can be sure will be easy to sell. But do such silver bullion bars actually exist?

If you wanted to sell silver bullion Melbourne you might want to do some research on bullion hallmarks that are always in demand and are easy to sell. There are actually two silver bullion bars that have been popular for years. These carry the ABC and Perth Mint Hallmarks. ABC and Perth Mint have been producing silver bullion bars for years and highly desirable by investors.

ABC is world renowned and LBMA recognised. Having an ABC hallmark on your silver means that you can sell silver bullion Melbourne with confidence that you will get a good price because of the demand for this particular brand.
If you have silver bullion bars from these two manufacturers, you can be sure that there is always a bullion dealer willing to pay good money for them. Both these refineries are on the London Bullion Market Association’s (LBMA) Good Delivery List. Refineries that make it on this list are required to observe strict production regulations. Engelhardt and Johnson-Matthey have been on this list since it was first put together. If you need a guarantee that your bars will sell, there is no better guarantee than that.