IM Academy Discuses the Top 4 Benefits of Cryptocurrency

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Are you thinking about leaping into the world of cryptocurrency? IM Academy offers courses to give you the know-how you need to trade with confidence. 

So, how exactly can this new digital alternative benefit your bottom line? Worry not: the educators at IM Academy have the answer. Keep reading to learn more. 

  1. Cryptocurrency makes transactions easier than ever 

With conventional business deals, the trading experience is far from hassle-free. You can expect lots of hurdles, including brokers, agents, legal representatives, and fees. For the inexperienced trader, the transaction can feel downright overwhelming. But crypto’s greatest strength lies in its simplicity. With nothing but blockchains recording these digital transactions, you can easily make one-on-one international or local business deals. No wonder an estimated 52 million people worldwide are trading in crypto. IM Academy students know the nuances of both crypto and conventional trades, thanks to our comprehensive curriculum. 

  1. Cryptocurrency is safer 

Conventional transactions can involve multiple parties, therefore increasing your risk of security issues like identity theft. 

With crypto, you can securely engage in business deals without worrying about potentially compromising your personal or financial information. And, because the transactions are unique exchanges between two parties, the process is always transparent from start to finish, making it harder for identity thieves or scammers to hide their tracks. Crypto students at IM Academy know this perk well.

  1. Cryptocurrency transactions can happen whenever, wherever 

Online solutions like blockchain technology have made cryptocurrency so accessible to the masses that you can complete a transaction 24/7. So, say goodbye to the days where you had to worry about fees or complications due to late-night transactions and say hello to unlimited possibilities. 

  1. Cryptocurrency transactions are often fee-free 

Whether you’re a large corporation or an individual trader, transaction fees can quickly consume a large portion of your assets. Cryptocurrency provides a practical solution to this problem, as blockchain networks tend to be fee-free. If fees apply, you can count on them to be exponentially less than traditional systems. 

  1. Cryptocurrency gives power back to the people 

IM Academy is proud to provide an entire curriculum around the cryptocurrency market. For decades, trading was considered a profession and pastime of the elite. Not anymore. The leaders and educators at IM Academy are working tirelessly to dismantle the social structures that exclude students from understanding trading, so we can help students harness the power to lead their best, most financially stable lives possible. 

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