How To Control Quality In China To Become A Successful FBA Seller?

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The journey of becoming a prospering FBA seller is not going to be easy. It will be scary. You will have to deal with unknown manufacturers, and your priority should be to acquire only the best quality products that are in demand.

This is because, if the product is not good, you will end up dealing with bad ratings and reviews, as well as a lot of returns. Amazon will not stand this and it will lead to the suspension of your Account, and of course, you will lose your money. 

Now, the question is how do you control quality, especially if you are sourcing products from China? Surely you can take a flight and go there in person, but will it help? Will you be able to check each piece to ensure quality? Certainly not. So, this is where China quality inspection services will help.

Quality inspection is a crucial step

You can certainly hire a quality control inspector locally, and get your products checked once they arrive. However, it will be better if you hire a company offering the same services in China. They can check your products then and there, and all the small and big defects can be rectified before the products are transported to the Amazon FBA warehouse.

It does not matter how the product is manufactured – manually or by a machine, there are always chances of some defects. Hiring an inspector will ensure only the perfect products are sent to Amazon.

What will a Quality Control Inspector check?

During a China quality inspection, your inspector will be looking for the following:

  • Whether the product is made using high-quality raw materials or not?
  • Is the product made as per your set style, color, label, packaging, and shipping requirements?
  • Is the product quantity as you ordered?
  • Is the product fully functional?

The ultimate goal of product inspection is to ensure the products are made as per your specifications. Surely, you will end up with a few damaged products in the end, but there should not be severe issues with every single piece.

Hiring China inspection services: Are they worth it?

The difficulties that you can avoid by using inspection services are what make these services valuable. Think of it like this, if you don’t undertake any quality inspection measures, there are chances you will end up with bad products.

This will be mainly because your manufacturer will try to use low-quality raw materials to make more profits, and will do so without worrying about any inspections.

Now, these poorly manufactured products will end up in the FBA warehouse and once the complaints start coming in, you will have to pull back these products. Next, after making all the necessary corrections (if it is possible to do so), you will have to ship these products again to the Amazon facility. Also, the responsibility of disposing of useless products will fall on your shoulders.

Considering all this hassle, it is easy to assume that hiring China quality inspection services will be a better idea. After all, this inspection will protect your brand name, Amazon status, and money.

2 types of pre-shipment inspections

Once you have decided to go for an inspection, the next thing to decide is what type of inspection you want to conduct. In simple words, inspections can be of 2 types –

1. Full Inspection – Every product is checked thoroughly in this process.

2. Random Inspection – The inspector will check almost 10% of your total purchase quantity.

So, there you go. Now, just to conclude it can be said, irrespective of the inspection method you select, as far as it is giving you good quality products, and a high Amazon seller rating, it will all be worth it in the end.