COVID Travel Insurance: 5 Reasons You Need It

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Since 2020 the deadly epidemic has caused lots of trouble for travelling to and fro. But it has been noticed that travel insurance has gained lots of prominence during trying times. When encouraged to travel, say for instance to a beautiful location like Singapore, most people come up with the same question. They ask, “what happens if I contract the virus and I have to land up in quarantine?”

The answer to this question is easy as you can avail COVID travel insurance in Singapore. Many travel insurance industries have stated that the pandemic has increased awareness of travel insurance. In the light of the new prevailing Omicron variant, travel restrictions have been implemented. 

So, in this article, we will discuss the top five reasons you need to have travel insurance during COVID. Let’s get started.

  • Extracting the Virus and Hospitalisation

No person on earth would like to become ill while travelling for vacation or work. But as the virus is spreading like wildfire, you might stand a chance of extracting the virus. So your health might deteriorate at any point in time. And that is why possessing travel insurance during COVID is essential.

If there is any case of emergency, you will be aided with medical attention as required. With travel insurance right by your side, you will be able to take care of other health-related expenses as well. If you are required to avail of hospitalisation, you will go for a cashless one.

  • Delay or cancellation of Trip

The ongoing epidemic has created such a scenario across the globe that everything is becoming uncertain. With the fluctuating rise and fall of the pandemic waves, uncertainty can arise during travelling. COVID travel insurance in Singapore can cover your travelling losses. 

For instance, if you or your closed one has extracted the virus, you need to cancel or delay your trip. So heavy losses will incur on you as you have planned things earlier. But if you are an insured traveller, it will cover your losses.

  • Medical Care and Treatment

Even though the COVID death rates are lowering significantly, people with comorbidities are mostly being infected. If you have a medical history, you might fall sick all of a sudden because of the virus.

You probably need to be transported back to your country or a hospital for that medical condition. If you possess travelling insurance, you are no longer required to worry about the expenses.

  • Medical Supplies and Testing

During these trying times, you will find that the travel administrations have made RT PCR tests mandatory. And the price of the tests is variably fluctuating. The testing costs might heavily incur on you after you reach your destination. So with travel insurance, you will be able to cover all these costs.

  • Quarantine and Repatriation

After reaching your destination, everyone must undergo the RT PCR test. The result might reflect that you are COVID positive. In that case, you either need to be quarantined or repatriated back to your home. The travel insurance will cover all the costs associated with the entire procedure.

To Conclude

It can be challenging to plan your Trip as COVID faces an extensive surge. But every country is trying hard to contain the virus quickly and lift the travel bans. COVID travel insurance in Singapore will cover all the applicable charges for travelling.