5 ways to get the most out of a refer and earn money app

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What you once thought of as a distant dream is a reality now! You can work remotely from home and earn money online. The Internet, mobile phone, and social sharing have made it possible. You have excellent opportunities to earn money through mobile today. Money-making apps make it possible. Among these apps, you can find refer and earn apps gaining much prominence today. 

With more and more companies offering referral programs to get customers for their products or services, it gives anyone an opportunity to make money without investment. A refer and earn money app helps you have incentives and other rewards for referring someone for a product or service.

Most financial institutions like banks have designed their own money-making apps for android to leverage their potential in helping people earn more money to meet their daily financial needs, fund a hobby, pay off debt, or travel.  

IDFC FIRST Bank offers a referral program for anyone who wants to earn more than 15K every week from home without investing money. Part-time job seekers, self-employed individuals, housewives, students, agents, and financial advisors can make use of this opportunity to supplement income. All you need to do is to find and refer people for the IDFC FIRST Bank’s instant personal loan at flexible terms.

Through the MyFIRST Partner App of the bank, you can become a referral partner of the bank and have a regular income rest of your life. Here are some essential ways to get the most out of the IDFC FIRST Bank refer a friend program

1. Download MyFIRST Partner App

IDFC FIRST Bank’s referral app is known for its high earning potential. You can download the MyFIRST Partner App from the PlayStore or App Store. To become a referral partner, you need complete the registration process by giving your full name and address, mobile number, email address, date of birth, and bank account details. To substantiate the details, you need to submit your:

  • Passport-size photo
  • PAN Card and Aadhaar Card or Voter ID – scanned copies
  • Bank details like the account number and IFSC Code
  • GSTIN details, if any

After submitting the required documents, you are asked to verify them by typing in the one-time password (OTP), which you will receive on your registered mobile phone. You will receive a ‘Welcome email’ confirming your registration. The eligibility criteria for the IDFC FIRST Bank refer a friend program are you should be above 18 years and an Indian citizen holding a valid bank account.

2. Build a strong referral network and promote it

As you know, the best way to generate business is through referrals and networks. Using word-of-mouth recommendations and social media technology, you can build a strong referral network. Instant personal loans are offered at competitive interest rates and flexible repayment schedules by IDFC FIRST Bank, which are good enough to help your friends, relatives, and neighbours during a financial emergency. 

If you can provide outstanding service and help make your prospective clients’ life easier, you can win their trust and expand your referral network. 

3. Help your friends and relatives get a personal loan easily

A financial emergency may crop up anytime to meet marriage expenses, pay off children’s education, home renovation expenses, and debt consolidation. The IDFC FIRST Bank refer and earn money app facilitates an easy personal loan application process by filling in the necessary details and submitting them with supporting documents like the digital copies of your PAN Card and Aadhaar Card and the last 3-month bank statement. 

The bank will take some time to verify the details, which includes checking the applicant’s credit history, CIBIL score, and employment status. After successful verification, the loan is approved, and the amount is credited to the applicant’s bank account. 

4. Track the loan status

You can keep your referrals informed about the status of their loan application using the “In Progress” tab.   

5. Receive compensation and exciting rewards

If you can offer flawless service, your referrals will have confidence in you, which will help build a strong referral network. It will give you more customers and more incentives and rewards every week. 

So, if you are keen on starting your referral business, choose IDFC FIRST Bank’s MyFIRST Partner App, one of the best money-making apps in 2022.