5 obvious signs that you need a divorce lawyer in NC!

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North Carolina allows for no-fault divorce. You don’t have to blame your spouse for their misconduct or wrongdoings to file for divorce. However, the state has specific residency and separation requirements. Like most people, who are worried about divorce costs, you are probably wondering – Do I really need to hire an attorney? Below are five obvious signs that you need a Charlotte divorce lawyer.

1. When you have considerable marital assets

In case of a divorce, North Carolina allows for equitable distribution of marital property, but that doesn’t mean equal. When you have considerable investments and properties, you may want to talk to an attorney, to protect what’s rightfully yours. 

2. When you expect a child custody battle

Courts in the state encourages couples to sort custody battles outside of court. If you don’t expect cooperation from your spouse on that matter, get an attorney, especially someone specializing in family law and divorce cases, for advice. Your attorney will work as a mediator and talk to your spouse and their lawyer, so that an acceptable custody agreement can be signed. 

3. When there was a history of domestic violence or abuse

Not all divorces end up in fights and drama. However, if your spouse has been negligent towards you, or has abused or threatened you in the past, you may want to talk to a lawyer. When you have filed for divorce, things can go wrong again in no time. If you fear for your safety and life, you may want to get a restraining order, for which your attorney can be useful.

4. When you are unaware of laws

If you don’t know much about divorce laws in North Carolina, it’s better to let an attorney handle the formalities and paperwork, instead of making serious mistakes. Keep in mind that even a small error in filing can delay your divorce by months. Hire a lawyer, so that you don’t have to deal with everything on your own. 

5. When you are not on talking terms with your spouse

You need an attorney because you are not on talking terms with your spouse. Keep in mind that sorting the issues out of the courtroom is always advisable, and for both mediation and negotiation, an attorney can help. Your lawyer knows exactly how to work with the other side, for overall good of both people involved. 

Talk to a skilled divorce lawyer in North Carolina today to know more on how they can help!