Cashless Service In Bike Insurance: Everything You Need To Know

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Driving on Indian roads is filled with numerous uncertainties and challenges. With widespread violations of traffic laws and a rising number of road accidents, it is more important now than ever before to invest in a suitable bike insurance plan and ensure that you are financially protected against any minor or major damages to your bike. 

Whilst the motor laws applicable in the country make it a legal mandate for all bike owners in India to have at least third-party insurance for their bikes, it is advisable to opt for a comprehensive two wheeler vehicle insurance policy and have extensive insurance coverage for your bike. You can purchase online bike insurance in a safe, time-efficient, and cost-effective manner. 

With the ease of assessing and comparing different plans online by using two wheeler vehicle insurance premium calculators, the purchase of online bike insurance has become not only a convenient process but also a financially feasible one. There is no dearth of insurance providers in India that offer bike insurance plans online, including Tata AIG, one of India’s leading insurance companies. You can purchase Tata AIG two wheeler insurance plans online through a simple process. 

What is a Bike Insurance Cashless Claim? 

As its name suggests, a bike insurance cashless claim is a facility that enables policyholders to avail cashless claims for bike repairs at the network garages of their bike insurance provider. This facility is included in a majority of comprehensive bike insurance policies and standalone own-damage plans and can be of considerable value to bike owners. 

In the event of any damages to your bike that are covered under your bike insurance policy, you can take the bike to the nearest network garage of your bike insurer and get the required bike repairs done without any fee. However, you must inform the insurer in advance about the damages caused to the bike and the extent thereof. 

Ways to Avail of Cashless Insurance for Your Bike 

The process of utilising the cashless claims feature of your bike insurance policy is extremely easy. Here are the steps you must follow to use cashless claims in bike insurance. 

  1. Inform your bike insurance company 

If your bike gets damaged in an accident or due to any other reason that is within the parameters of the insurance policy for your bike, you must inform the insurer as soon as possible and detail the damages sustained by the bike. 

  1. Allow the surveyor to inspect your bike for damages. 

A surveyor shall be deployed by your bike insurance provider to inspect the damages sustained by your bike and understand whether they are new and caused by an accident or any other permissible clause. The surveyor shall estimate the cost of repairs for the damages and convey the same to the insurer. You will also receive a copy of the surveyor’s report so that you are aware of the damages.

  1. Your insurer’s network garage will repair the bike. 

Once the designated bike insurance surveyor is satisfied with the authenticity of the damages to your bike, it will be sent to the network garage. If not, you will have to take the bike to the nearest network garage from the list provided by your insurer. 

  1. Get your bike repaired sans any payment.

After the mechanics and experts at the network garage repair your bike as required, you can take the invoice from them and submit the same to your insurer, which will directly settle the costs with the garage. 

Therefore, under the facility of cashless claims in bike insurance, there is no need to file a claim and wait for the reimbursement of any expenses to repair your bike. As opposed to a non-cashless claim or reimbursement claim in bike insurance, wherein you have to file a claim through a specified process then await its settlement to get reimbursements for repair expenses, a cashless claim is quicker and more convenient. 

It is important to note that you can file a bike insurance claim online by visiting the official website of your insurer, filling the online claims form, and attaching the necessary documents. In case of accidents, it is mandatory to inform your insurer of the incident within the timelines mentioned in the insurance policy for your bike.

Benefits of Bike Insurance Cashless Claim

With the availability of cashless insurance for your bike provided by comprehensive and standalone own-damage bike insurance plans, you get several benefits. Here are some of the benefits of cashless claims in bike insurance. 

  1. Management of bike repairs in a professional, systematic, and time-efficient manner.
  2. Instant and adequate repairs to the bike.
  3. Adherence to quality standards in the bike repairs.
  4. Minimisation of procedural and documentary hassle.
  5. Assured assistance in the wake of an accident involving your bike.
  6. Reduction of financial worries post an unfortunate event associated with your bike
  7. Priority repair services.


The facility of bike insurance cashless claim is a handy provision to assist you in the wake of an untoward incident involving your bike, leading to its damage. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase a comprehensive bike insurance policy and benefit from cashless insurance for your bike. All you have to do is inform the insurer about the repairs required in your bike and visit a network garage; the entire process will be completed in a cashless and convenient manner.