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Why download the 8fit app?

For a more personalised experience, based on your dietary preferences, download the 8fit app today! We offer realistic guidance — no quick-fixes because they just simply do not work. Check out our quick reads that will help you build healthy habits.

What is wfitn?

Welcome to WFITN Website! The World Federation of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology is chartered as an international scientific non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the interventional and therapeutic neuroradiology discipline focussed on endovascular neurosurgery throughout the world.

How do I listen to a live stream of WFIT?

You can listen to a live stream of WFIT by using the player under the banner near the top of our website. You can also listen on the NPR app and the TuneIn app . On mobile, open either app and search for WFIT. Click on this link to listen in your web browser: If you prefer to listen on ITunes, you will need to update your stream URL.

How good is the wofit app for Android?

The phone and WoFit app seem to work fairly well and record data accurately. It took a little time to set it up and figure out how to change the settings. You need to create an account in the WoFit app to save your data. The Bad: the app will sync with Apple health, but nothing else.

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