Online Sabong Addiction

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Online Sabong Addiction

Why are we so addicted to E-Sabong?

Dellosa also attributes the addiction to e-sabong to its accessibility, as people are now betting online, resulting in higher debts and stakes. "It's easier to get the money and play.

Is E-Sabong the most dangerous gambling addiction?

This is not surprising, as gambling, particularly e-sabong, is one of the most difficult addictions to manage, warned psychologist Dr. Randy Dellosa. "Sabong is very culturally condoned and tolerated in the Philippines.

What is online Sabong and why is it trending?

Online sabong has been the subject of funny memes in the social media. One the memes tell about a bettor expressing gratitude to online sabong for helping him buy a new motorcycle–but he used to own a Sports Utility Vehicle.

Was online Sabong behind Maranan’s crime?

“He was also involved in online sabong which allegedly compelled him to commit the said crime,” said Villarba. In a phone interview, Police Regional Office 4B spokesperson Maj. Loreto Maulion, said being an active bettor on online sabong was also established as the reason why Maranan barged inside the hardware.

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