Four reasons why you should try mobile banking

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Digitisation has paved the way for a more convenient banking system. Instead of waiting in queues at the bank branch, individuals can perform transactions at their fingertips using mobile banking applications and net-banking facilities. While online banking has been used for over a decade, mobile banking applications have become popular in the past few years.

The convenience of access to services, security, customisation options, and the wide range of banking services have made these apps popular. If you haven’t opted for a mobile banking service yet, here are four reasons why you should try out mobile banking services.

Four reasons to try out mobile banking apps

Mobile banking apps are easy to use and offer wholesome banking services such as monetary transactions, financial planning, investments, loans, and credits. In addition, they are secure and let you enjoy banking services from the comfort of your home. Following are the reasons why you must try out a mobile banking application:

  • Banking services at your fingertips
    Mobile banking apps are easily available for download on both Android and iOS platforms, and almost every bank provides an app for services for customers’ convenience. The app contains all the financial services you may need for your banking requirements. You can transfer funds, pay bills, track payments, monitor account statements, and invest in mutual funds and stocks.

For instance, the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app comes with comprehensive services through which you can manage your finances and open an account within minutes. In addition, you can apply for loans and get them approved instantly without any hassles.


  • Security
    Mobile banking applications are secured with two-step authentication and OTP verification when you log in or perform transactions. It makes your financial transactions safe and secure. Moreover, you also need to enter your personalised pin for login, which further adds to your security. Recent apps also have the facility of fingerprint and facial recognition to ease your access to your online bank account.
  • Faster and easier services
    Using a mobile banking app, you avoid the hassles of going to bank branches or digital kiosks to access funds or perform a financial transaction. You can transfer funds from your mobile banking application without requesting the bank representative to process payments. Moreover, verifying your balance and monitoring account activity whenever you want is easier.
  • Free services available 24×7
    Services through the mobile banking app are usually free or may include a nominal fee for specific services. However, using a mobile banking app is always more affordable than visiting a bank branch. In addition, you can access your online bank account and services round the clock without interruption. This makes your banking experience further convenient even during odd hours of the day.

Along with account access and fund transfers, a mobile banking app offers you a comprehensive range of services and security. You can manage your account from anywhere round the clock without paying service charges that you would pay at a bank branch.

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