Cryptocurrency exchange & Investing Starter Guide

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The cryptocurrency exchange & Purchasing Starter Guide describes how to begin trading electronic money such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the full world of all altcoins.

The focus of the guide is on investing and trading so we will jump diving deep into the underlying technologies, and rather discuss why someone might want to become involved in this space along with also the sites, resources, and resources, to assist you on the way.

We are going to cover a great deal of topics so that I encourage you to jump around in the event that you’re already knowledgeable about the fundamentals.

We have also listed this manual in video format and I have summarized the significant segments in this content below with accompanying timestamps in the event that you wish to leap in the video.

My expertise trading cryptocurrency dates back to 2012 once I started trading bitcoin within a market named Bitfinex. Ever since then I have been busy in the area trading bitcoin and, even more lately, altcoins.

As a friendly reminder, nothing written below is a recommendation to invest or trade in anything. You’re accountable for your own financial choices and due diligence. Please mention our site disclaimer.

Let us start with a couple definitions, proceed into cryptocurrency exchange.


Cryptocurrency, in a really higher level, is electronic money generated from code.

Bitcoin was the very first cryptocurrency made back in 2009 and it’s commonly referred to as the net of cash.

Bitcoin includes a value, and like every other money, it may be used to buy merchandise and services by people who decide to take it.

Lots of new cryptocurrencies have emerged because Bitcoin and those are generally known as altcoins. Altcoins, only represent all coins which aren’t Bitcoin.